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Very popular and popular is Oxymetholone. Anapolon Balkan is the strongest and most effective oral steroid. The preparation has unusually strong androgenic effects that are associated with very intense anabolic components.
There is a significant accumulation of water that rapidly increases muscle volume. Because the muscle cells hold a large amount of water, the overall musculature acquires a smooth, sometimes shiny look.
During training, oxymetholone enthusiasts register the enormous pumping effect of trained muscles. Anapolone increases the number of red blood cells.
The often-mentioned "steroid pump" gives athletes a straightforward and satisfying feeling during training.
Unfortunately, Anapolon Balkan is the most harmful oral steroid, which causes a number of serious side effects. It may cause hepatic dysfunction, which at first occurs only with elevated liver tests, but later, if given for a long time in high doses, can lead to liver damage. The first symptoms of possible liver damage are yellow nail and eye color, or jaundice.

Anapolon Balkan dosage: 
Because of the high toxicity of the formulation and strong side effects, athletes are considered to be optimal at 50-100 mg per day. Of course, short-term misuse of this agent (at most 4-5 weeks) is only natural, because the receptors respond to this agent only briefly.