Clomiphen Citrate - 24 tablets - 50mg

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Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg is an estrogen blocker. The athlete has the double effect of suppressing some estrogen effects with Clomiphene citrate and also of increasing the synthesis of organic testosterone.

In Bodybuilding, Clomid is used to prevent adverse effects from the partial transformation of steroids into estrogens (female sex hormones) and to promote internal testosterone generation following the application of a steroid (pct), which is inhibited in the treatment of steroids by athletes in a course with anabolic steroids

Users take Clomid orally for 4-6 weeks after the conclusion of their cycle at a dose of 100-150 mg a day. Users apply substances such as HCG and provisionally increase the soundness and effectiveness of their PCT program.