Primobolan - 50 tablets - 25mg

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  1. Anabolic effect – moderate;
  2. Androgenic effects on the body – moderate;
  3. Conversion to estrogens – absent;
  4. Toxicity to liver tissue is low;
  5. Release form – tablet;
  6. Duration of exposure to the body – 5 hours (oral form);
  7. The identification period in the body is 1 month.
Primo Tabs are able to increase strength and muscle mass; however, this is limited. When taking the drug, there is no rapid weight gain but some huge rapid gains in strength. Therefore, primobolan are often taken for a long time, as they lead to slow and yet very high-quality muscle growth, which then, as the drug is discontinued, are largely preserved. An athlete’s effective daily dose is 50-150mg, so the tablets contain 25mg. In the instructions for use of the drug Primo Tabs from hilma biocare, the athlete learns something interesting about doses: “If not prescribed otherwise, then take as follows: 2-3mg per day per 1kg of body weight, i.e. at a weight of 50kg