Propionate 200 - 200mg/ml - 10ml

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Testosterona P has the form of a testosterone esters steroid with fast action. In 24-36 hours this steroid achieves actively, then starts to decrease. This steroid remains in the blood for 2-3 days. Propionate leads to less water retention in the body and increases energy and muscle strength after 2-3 days of dosing.

Because of its composition it is administered by injection frequently, in order to keep the hormone levels in the blood (is injected every 2 days). If injected frequently, can cause problems, injection place can swell, causing pain and even a mild fever, which can take up to several days.

Because it is mild, it is the only testosterone that can be used by athletes. Men administer a dose of 50 mg per day, to avoid injecting it too often it can be given to 100 mg every 2 days.

Side effects are similar to other testosterone esters. Those who have a slower metabolism can suffer from acne, aggression, hair loss, water retention in the body and gynecomastia. Water retention and gynecomastia are actually rare, the only downside is that they are sore because of frequent injections. This steroid is not toxic to the liver.